Thursday, April 01, 2010

If Only...(Part 3)

Interns are now at their lunch breaks, Yuvi says he needs to find a case file, and requests Naina to help find it, since she has duty in the path lab. (Where the file is.) They begin to look for it, and this conversation takes place as they look for it.

Naina - Yuvi, yeh file tum kyon dhoond rahe hoon?

Yuvi - Woh....(pause) Yeh mere ek dost ke bhai ki file hain.

Naina - Lekin tumhare dost ko file kyon chhahiye?

Yuvi - Uuske bhai ko kissie aur hospital mein shift kiya hain, aur uusne mujhe paacha tha, pata karvane ke liye.

Naina - Oh, us patient ka naam?

Yuvi - Armaan Malik

Naina - Armaan Malik? Yeh to wohi doctor hain na? Jiska samaan mere locker mein tha?

Yuvi - Nahi, yeh sirf patient tha yahaan pe, mere paas uski file thi lekin, maine us mein se hospital ka address note nahi kiya.

Naina - Oh...yeh lo mil gayi file.

Yuvi - Thanks Naina. (Looks through file, turns the pages, and is shocked by something he read.)

Naina - Kya hua?

Yuvi - N-n-nahi, kuch nahi, t-thanks. (Hands her the file and runs into the locker room)

Yuvi - (THINKING) Yeh kaise ho sakta hain? mujhe unke bare mein aur baatein pata karne hoongi, lekin kaise? Dr. Shashank ke cabin mein hi mil sakti hain baki files.

Sid - Hey dude.

Yuvi - Hey Sid, tumhe pata hain Dr.Shashank kahaan hain?

Sid - Woh bahar gaye hain, kuch personal kaam se, do teen din mein laut aayenge.

Yuvi - Oh..

Sid - Well, main chalta hoon, bye.

Yuvi - Bye (Sid leaving) (THINKING) Mujhe kaise bhi kar ke Dr. Shashank ke office mein ja ke, baki files dhoondni hogi. Aaj raat.

In the general ward, JP and Sid deal with 2 difficult patients, while Dr. Nikki is on her break.

Patient 1 - Ae mujhe gali deta hain, muje? Tu jaanta hain main kaun hoon.

Patient 2 - Abey tu koi bhi ho, mujhse oonche aawaz mein baat mat kar.

Patient 1 - (Screaming) Main jo chahoon woh karoonga tu kya kar lega bol, kya kare ga bol?

Sid - Ae yeh kya ho raha hain?

Patient 2 - Isne mera kayla khaya, aur jab maine poocha kyon, iisne mujhe gali di.

Patient 1 - Ae woh tera nahi tha, yeh dekh, yeh mera table hain, Woh kela is table pe tha.

Sid - Arrey tum log ek kayle ke liye lar rahe hoon? Yeh lo (Takes another bananna and gives it)

JP - Bas? Ab khush?

Patient 1 - Iska bed mere bed se door rakho, isko wahaan shift karo.

JP - Theek hain, wo dekho, waha khali bed hain, wahaan jao.

Patient 1 - (Yelling) Nahi, iisko bolo yeh jaaye, main yahaan jab aata hoon, issie bed mein rehta hoon.

Sid - (Talking to patient 2) Suno tum jao yeh aise nahi jaayega, bohot khadoos hain.

Patient 2 - Ae khadoos kisko bola haan? mujhe? kya problem hain? (Yelling)

Nikki - (Yells) HEY! yeh kya ho raha hain? Arrey Nana tum?

Nana (Patient 2) - Haan, yeh kisko rakha hain yahaan? Nikalo isko, jaanta nahi hain, patient se kaise baat karte hain.

Nikki - Nahi yeh naya hai.

Nana - Oh aur aapna Apple kahaan hain? Aur Bulbul?

JP - Apple? Bulbul? yeh aapke kutein hain??

Nana - (While chasing JP across the general ward) Arrey mere apple ko kutta bola, main tujhe nahi choodoonga,

Nikki - (Stops Nana) Nana ruko, Dr. Sid, Dr. JP, aap operation theatre jaayeye, Dr. Keerti ki surgery observe ki jiye. (They leave)

Nana -Aur kahaan hain Apple?

Nikki - Woh, Armaan ab yahaan nahi hain.

Nana - Kya? kyon?

Nikki - Nana, yahaan pichle 6 mahine mein bohot kuch hua hain. Pehle Armaan ki yaadash chale gayi, aur phir, shootout mein...(Nana interrupts)

Nana - Woh aapna Apple tha, maine suna tha. Lekin ab woh kab wapus aayega?

Nikki - Armaan ki halat bohot buri hain woh shayad kabhi na aye, woh special hospital mein hain.

Nana - Phir Bulbul? Uuska kya hua?

Nikki - Woh bhi us shootout mein ghayal hui thi, lekin ab theek hain.

Nana - Usse pata hain, Apple ke bare mein.

Nikki - Pata nahi, Riddhima se baat nahi hui hain, lekin bohot jald, woh wapus aayegi.

Nana - Mujhe Apple se milna hain.

Nikki - Haan, hum bhi milna chahatein hain, lekin jab tak Ridzi nahi laut aati, kuch nahi kar sakte. Sirf Atul ko pata hai ke Armaan kahaan hai. Atul Ridzi ke saath hi jaana chahata hain.

Atul calls all of the interns to the locker room.

Atul - Good job interns aap ab ghar ja sakte hai. Kal yahaan 12 baje report karein.

Interns - Yes sir.

At night, Yuvi sneaks into the hospital, and breaks into Dr. Shashank's office. he gets the file, he makes copies of all of the pages, and leaves. He shuts the door, and Sid enters.

Sid - Yuvi? Tum yahaan kya kar rahein ho?

Yuvi - Woh...(Pause)Mere night duty hain.

Sid - Yeh kaise ho sakta hain? Dr. Atul ne meri night duty lagayi hain.

Yuvi - Oh....(Pause)

Keerti - Dr. Yuvraaj? Aap yahaan kya kar rahe hain? Aapki night duty toh kal hain

Yuvi - Oh, sorry mam, mujhe laga aaj hain.

Keerti - Oh...Well Dr. Siddhant, get back to work.

Sid -Yes mam (Leaves)

Yuvi - Well mam main chalta hoon. (Leaves)



Monday, March 29, 2010

If Only... (Part 2)

The next morning, as the new interns arrive in the locker room.

Sid - Hey Naina! Hows it going?

Naina - Good, tum kaise ho?

JP - Hum toh bilkool theek hain flower ji.

Yuvi - Woh Sid se baat kar rahe thi.

Naina - Koi baat nahi. (Opens locker) Arre ye locker toh already occupied hian. (Takes out stuff, Armaan's shirt, some files, and a picture of AR)

Sid - Hmm, are you sure yeh tumhara hi locker hain?

Naina - Haan, lekin yeh samaan?

Yuvi - Woh Armaan ka samaan hain.

Sid - Armaan? Yeh kaun hain? Oh woh kal walla patient?

(Atul enters)

Yuvi - Nahi woh.....(Atul interrupts him)

Atul - Good morning interns, aap sab kaise hain?

Naina -Sir, yeh samaan, aur yeh locker kiska hain?

Atul - (Taking the stuff) Yeh to Armaan ka hain.

Sid - Yeh Armaaan kaun hai? Aur uska samaan yahaan pe kyon?

Atul - Woh actually, Armaan yahaan intern tha,

(Shashank enters)

Naina - Oh toh ab resident doctor hain?

Shashank - Dr. Armaan yahaan intern the, lekin woh ab yahaan nahin hai, main yahaan Dr. Armaan ka naam dobara nahin sun na chahata. Dr. Atul, aap iinko duties assign kar ke please mere cabin mein aao.

Atul - Yes sir (Shashank leaves) Dr. Siddhant, aap aur Dr. Prasad general ward mein hai, wahaan Dr. Nikkita ke saath kaam kareinge. Dr. Naina, aap path lab mein hai, aur Dr. Yuvi, aap special ward mein hain. Sab apni duties pe 5 minute mein report karien (Leaves)

Sid - Ek minute, Yuvi, tumhe kaise pata yeh Dr. Armaan ka locker tha?

Yuvi - Woh......


JP - Hum batatein hain, yeh dekhiye, is locker pe likha hua hai, Dr. Armaan.

Sid - Oh

(Everyone leaves)

Atul enters Dr. Shashank's office, as Dr. Shashank is on the phone.

Shashank - (On the phone) Padma, ab bohot ho gaya, tum wapus aa jao, Riddhima ko samjhao, ab kuch nahin ho sakta, usse sab bhool jana hoga, ek naye shurwat karne hogi..........Theek hain, bye.

Atul - Dr. Shashank, aapne mujhe boolaya?

Shashank - Yes Dr. Joshi, have a seat, yeh woh reports jo aapne Dr. Modi se mangvai thi.

Atul - Thank you sir.

Shashank - Dr. Joshi, if you don't mind me asking, aapne yeh kyon mangvai hain, as a doctor, aap jaante hain ki aise case mein kuch nahin ho sakta.

Atul - I know sir, lekin, aap toh jaante he hain, ki hum kitne acche dost the, mein kaise bhi kar ke usse theek karna chahata hoon.

Shashank - Well, I respect your feelings, aur kyon ki yeh sirf aapka hi nahi, mera bhi personal matter hai, please let me know if I can be of any help

Atul - Thank you sir. (Leaves)


Sunday, March 28, 2010

A True Love Story - Part 1

This is a different take on the AR love story, it starts when the whole gang is in their last year of medical college instead of at Sanjeevani. This story retains the main DMG charectors, and they are all real good friends. Armaan is new to this college.

It was their first day of their senior year at Mumbai Medical University. It was 6 in the morning and Riddhima was jogging and she stopped at the basketball court to take a break. The ball rolls towards her, she takes a shot and misses. Armaan, and the kids he's playing with make fun of her.

Armaan - Yeh jaga sirf basketball players ke liye hai, ladkioon ke liye nahi, aur khaskar tum jaise salwaar kamees type ke liye to bilkool nahi.

Ridz - Oh please, main tumhe kissie bhi waqt hara sakti hoon.

Armaan - Yeah right, let’s see. (Throws the ball in her face).

The match starts, Armaan and Riddhima are having a tough time scoring but they manage to each make a shot. The match continues, and they're tied at 30 points each, the next shot is to win. Riddhima has the ball and she is going towards the basket but she trips. The ball rolls right to Armaan’s feet.

Armaan - (Grabs the ball) Lets make this interesting, Basket, aggar main jeeta, toh tum ek hafte ke liye college mein western kapre pehno gi, aur saath mein meri ghulam bhi bano gi.

Ridz - Fine, lekin agar mein jeeti, tum iss pure mahine mere ghulam ho.

Armaan - Done!

Ridz takes the ball and goes to shoot, as she jumps, Armaan pushes her and she loses the ball, Armaan quickly grabs it and shoots. That ends the game. Riddhima is surprised that Armaan beats her.

Armaan - Hah i told u na Basket, girls can't play basketball. (Armaan and the kids tease her)

Riddhima was really hurt by this and started having tears but Armaan did not see them.

Armaan - Aaj se tum meri ghulam, and yeah no salwar please, it's not the stone age.

Ridz with a sad voice said fine and started walking away. Armaan noticed this and started running after her but she was already gone. He now felt a little guilty. At Riddhima's house, Riddhima is now more relaxed and goes straight to her room. She is still sad and Angie notices this.

Angie - Kya hua Ridzi? Why are you so sad?

Ridz - Nothing di (She was lying and anjalie notices this)

Angie - So now ur gonna lie to me, fine, is that how important I am to you?

Ridz - Sorry di (she narrates the incident)

Angie - Dont worry, Uuse dikha do, ki tumse panga lena uuse kitna bhari padega. And for the western clothes, leave it to me.

Ridz - Thanks di

Angie - Yeh lo (Handing jeans and shirt) and show that wierdo

The whole family is having breakfast.

Shashank - Are both my girls ready for college?

Angie - Yes papa

Nani - May god bless you.

Ridz - Okay humein chalna chaheye, hum late ho rahein hain.

Sorry guys I know this was boring but the next part will be better please post your comments, eagerly waiting bye.

Saira Khurana

Saturday, March 27, 2010

If Only... - Part 1

4 new interns enter, Dr. Siddhant, Dr. Yuvvraaj, Dr. Jeetendra Prasad, and Dr. Naina. They're welcomed into Sanjeevni, Dr. Atul welcomes/introduces them to the senior doctors of the hospital following the assembly by Dr. Shashank, and a tour by Dr. Keerti.

Atul - Hello interns, welcome to Sanjeevani, main hoon Dr. Atul, aapka senior, aap sab aage se mujhe report karenge. Aaj, main aapko Sanjeevani ka tour karaoonga, aur aapne seniors se bhi milaaonga. Dr. Shashank ne aapko rules to samjha hi diye hoonge, aur Dr. Keerti ne hospital bhi dikha diya hain, ab main aapko aapke baki seniors se milaonga.

Sid - (Just walking in) Dr. Atul, sorry I'm late, woh main thoda gum gaya tha.

Atul - Ah yes Dr. Siddhant Modi, Sanjeevni ek hospital hain, aapko yahaan time ka khayaal rakhna hoga, kyon ki yeh aapka pehla din hain, mein aapko maaf kardoonga, lekin baki doctors mere jaise nahi hain.

Sid - Yes sir.

Atul - Okay interns, follow me.

(They walk into the general ward, and Dr. Nikkita is there with a patient, having a seizure. Dr. Atul rushes in to help.)

Nikkita - Dr. Modi, iinko ICU mein shift karne ke tayari ki jiye. Atul, yeh lo (handing a syringe) iinko inject karo, aur BP pe nazar rakho.

Yuvi - Nahi, yeh injection aap patient ko nahi de sakte, yeh patient diabetic ho sakta hain.

Atul - Good, Dr. Yuvvraj, lekin hum innko ek chhota dose de rahein hain.

Sid - (Returns with Keertii.) Innhe shift karne ki tayari ho chhuke hain.

(Keerti shifts the patient)

Atul - Good job interns, and meet Dr. Nikkita, yeh bhi aapki senior hain,

(Abhi enters)

Abhi - Hello interns, welcome to Sanjeevani, main yahaan ka resident nahi hoon, main yahaan har mahine board of directors ki taraf se inspection ke liye aata hoon. Please excuse me, main thoda late ho raha hoon.

Atul - Interns, chalo main aapko Path Lab dikhata hoon.

(Phone rings)

Naina - Sorry sir, main switch off karna bhool gayi thi.

Atul - Dr. Naina, yeh hospital hain, aap please mujhe aapna phone de di jiye, aur sham ko le li jiye.

Atul - Aap aapne kuch seniors se mil chhukein hain, lekin iinke aalava aap ke aur bhi seniors hain. Dr. Muskaan, aur Dr. Shubhankar, jo Sanjeevani ke ek aur branch mein kaam karte hain. Yeh yahaan kabhi kabhi aate hain, iinke aalava Dr. Anjali, aur Dr. Riddhima bhi aapke seniors hain, voh kuch personal problems ki vajhe se yahaan nahi hain, lekin bohot jald lautengi.
Ab mujhe surgery ke liye jaana hain. Mein chahata hoon ke aap hospital ko aache se samajh lein. Main aapko 2 ghante mein general ward mein miloonga. Bye, and good luck.

Sid - Chalo, cafe chalte hain, bohot bhook lagi hain.

JP - Bilkool theek farmaaya aapne chalo fata fat.

Yuvi - Hum yahaan khane nahi kaam karne aaye hain.

Sid - I know dude, lekin hum yahaan pichle teen ghante se hain, ek chhote si coffee break bhi nahi le sakte?

Yuvi, - Look "dude" tumhe khana hain to khao, main yahaan ke cases study karna chahata hoon.

Sid- Okay, and what about you pretty lady, kya aap humare saath coffee peene aayengi ya Mr. khadoos ke saath bore hoone jaayenge?

JP - Nahi nahi, yeh inke saath kyon jaayen gi, inhe to humare saath aane mein maza aayega.

Naina - Sure guys, lets go.

(They get to the cafe)

Sid - Iss hospital mein bas yeh hi ek aache jaga lagte hain.

Abhi - Of course Sid, tum toh siraf aish aur aaraam ke liye aaye ho.

Sid - Look bro, aapka aur mera working style thoda alag hain, main hamesha chilled out aur relaxed rehta hoon, aur aap bohot he serious aur strict. You need to chill out a bit dude.

Abhi - Hum yahaan kaam karne aaye hain, koi beach nahi hain ke hum beth ke chill karein.

Sid - Okay, toh aap hi kuch kaam suggest kar li jiye.

Abhi - Theek hain, aap sab path lab mein jao, aur mere liye September 2009 ki sare case files dhoond ke lao.

Sid - Okay dude, lets go guys, Mr. Angry Young Man ne duty laga di hain.

(At the Path lab)

Naina - Yeh lo sid, yeh char files hain.

Sid - Thanks Naina, main yeh Bhai ko de ke aata hoon.

(In Dr.Modi's office.)

Sid - Yeh lo bhai aapki files.

Abhi - Thanks (Looks through files)................Sid!! is mein ek bohot zurori file thi, Armaan Malik ki file, woh kahaan hain?

Sid - Pata nahi bhai, wahaan aur to koi file nahi thi.

Yuvi - Yeh li jiye sir, Armaan Malik ki file.

Abhi - Thank you Dr. Yuvvraj, lekin yeh aapke paas kaise aayi?

Yuvi - Yahaan aate waqt Dr. Siddhant ke haathoon se gir gayi thi.

Abhi - Oh, Okay, well I must leave now, main aagle hafte aaonga, lekin till then goodbye, and good luck.

Sid - Yeh file tumhare paas kaise aayi? Mere paas to sirf char files thi, toh Armaan Malik ki file tumhare paas kaise aayi?

Yuvi - Voh kya hain na Sid, ke main yahaan ke cases study kar raha tha to yeh file mere paas reh gaye.

Sid - Okay thanks.

Dr. Atul - Interns, aapke duty hours ab khatam hue, see you tomorrow.

Sid - Bye sir.

Yuvi - Bye.